Hiab Hire

Construction Trucks

The construction industry is thriving in our home town of Huddersfield. Our local paper, the Huddersfield Examiner has reported that there are over 100 jobs within the construction sector within a five mile radius.
Crane Truck Hire with Cheesewedge

Financing Trucks

There’s a usual dilemma that businesses face. You’re getting more projects, which is brilliant! However it also means that before you can invoice for all this new work, your costs are going to increase. Getting bigger projects means a huge investment in machinery and equipment - with an integral part of that being trucks.
Our Factory

32 Tonne Lorry Hire

Looking for a 32 tonne lorry? You’re in the right place. We have a huge range of 32 tonne trucks that are in stock and ready to go, plus we also offer a custom build service.

What effect will Brexit have on the UK truck industry?

We thought we’d take a look at a few of the more obvious opportunities and drawbacks that leaving the EU will have, and what this will mean for the Truck industry in Britain.
Custom Truck Livery

Truck Hire with Business Livery

Whether your trucks are out on the road or parked up in the yard, branding your vehicles with your business’s logos and livery can make them recognisable.
Curtainsider Truck Hire

Curtainsider Truck Hire

A curtainsider truck, also known as a Tautliner, gets it’s name from the curtains that feature on the sides of the vehicle where a traditional box trailer would be.
truck Financing

Truck Finance: a cost effective alternative

The costs involved with truck financing can easily add up but here at Mac’s, we work with businesses to provide a cost effective alternative.
Beavertail Body Manufacturers

Beavertail Body Manufacturers

For over 45 years we have been supplying customers with beavertail trucks designed to meet their specifications.
Semi Autonomous Trucks

Will semi-autonomous trucks affect your business?

The trialling of semi-autonomous truck convoys is set to take place on public roads by the end of next year.