Curtainsider Truck Hire

Mac’s Truck Rental provides a highly effective curtainsider rental service, offering an extensive selection of premium vehicles that are prepared for immediate use. We accommodate various needs, offering flexible leasing options for short-term, medium-term, and long-term durations. Curtainsiders are versatile and practical trucks that feature a flexible curtain-like enclosure, allowing for easy access and secure transportation of goods.

Curtainsider Truck Hire

A curtainsider, also known as a Tautliner, is a type of truck with curtains on its sides instead of a traditional box trailer. These curtains can be easily opened and closed and are used for transporting goods on pallets. Curtainsiders come in various sizes from 7.5 to 26 tonnes and are commonly used in logistics. Curtainsider trucks are specifically designed to transport goods and provide easy access for loading and unloading.

Key Features Of Curtainsider Trucks

Efficient Loading and Unloading

Curtainsiders have curtains on runners along the top and bottom of the trailer. Load retaining straps keep the curtain secured during transit, preventing cargo from slipping. When unloading, the straps are released, the curtain is pulled open by a forklift, and goods are accessed from the side.

Euro VI Emission Standards

These trucks are equipped with Euro VI compliant engines, designed to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. Special filters within the engine convert pollutants into water vapor and nitrogen, resulting in significantly lower CO2 and NOx emissions compared to older engines.

Multi-Drop Deliveries

Unlike traditional box trailers, curtainsiders allow easy access to goods regardless of their order of loading. This makes them ideal for multi-drop deliveries, as all items can be reached without unloading the front first.

Contract Hire Advantages

Businesses can benefit from contract hiring curtainsider trucks. This option spreads the cost over time (weekly or monthly), eliminating the need for an upfront purchase. Repair, maintenance, and mandatory checks are typically included, and fixed monthly costs provide stability.

Curtainsiders are versatile vehicles with advantages for businesses involved in transporting goods. They provide easy loading and unloading, comply with emission standards, offer accessibility for multi-drop deliveries, and can be leased through contract hire for financial and operational benefits.

Picking the right size is always important to suit your certain practise. These versatile vehicles come in various sizes, such as 18-tonne, 26-tonne, and other capacities to cater to different transportation needs. Whether you require a smaller capacity or a larger haulage solution, we have you covered with our diverse selection.

For businesses seeking temporary transportation solutions, curtainsider truck hire services are available, allowing them to meet their specific requirements without the need for long-term commitments. Whether for commercial deliveries or industrial applications, curtainsiders remain a popular choice due to their practicality and adaptability in the logistics sector.

We offer curtainsiders from the most well-known brands like Scania, Mercedes, Volvo, and DAF, that are widely used in different industries. At Mac’s Truck Rental, we provide rental curtainsiders featuring regular maintenance checks to ensure reliability. With their outstanding maneuverability and enhanced visibility, our curtainsiders enable swift transportation to any location, facilitating efficient loading and unloading processes.


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