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Mac’s Truck Rental offers an efficient skip lorry hire service with a huge range of high-quality vehicles that are ready to go. We cater to all situations with short, mid, and long-term leasing. Skip loader rental is an affordable and efficient service for those looking to remove, transport, and dispose of waste quickly and without hassle.

Skip Lorry Truck For Hire

A skip lorry truck is a specialised vehicle used for transporting and delivering skip bins for waste disposal or recycling purposes.

When hiring a skip lorry truck, it’s important to consider the size and type of skip bin you need. Skip lorries are available in various sizes, ranging from small trucks that can carry 2-3 cubic yards of waste to larger trucks that can carry up to 18 cubic yards.

Additionally, you will need to consider the type of waste you are disposing of and ensure that the skip lorry is licensed to handle that type of waste. This is particularly important for hazardous waste or materials that require special handling or disposal procedures.

It’s also important to consider the cost of hiring a skip lorry truck. Prices may vary depending on the size and type of skip bin, the duration of the hire, and other factors such as delivery and pickup fees.

We are known for working with a wide range of companies, including those that operate within the waste management and recycling sectors. Our skip lorries provide a range of options, including roll-on-off, hoist, and standard skip-loading dumper hire.

If you are searching for skip truck rental with reliable vehicles, then we provide this with regularly scheduled maintenance checks. With excellent manoeuvrability and high visibility, you can access any site to load and unload quickly.


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Starting from a minimum of 14 days, you can hire any one of our vehicles to help cover the short fall in your fleet

We offer range of mid-term HGV hire contracts, with options to suit whatever requirements you have.

Our long-term HGV Hire is available on all of our vehicles, with a fixed monthly cost and a fully maintained vehicle.



Starting from a minimum of 14 days we can work with you to fufill your fleet shortfall or urgent need.



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Our long-term HGV hire is available on all of our vehicles and allows us to provide an even better price discount.

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