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When you begin to think about the purpose of the street, it is simply to allow people to safely walk, run, or cycle from one location to the next. When a street is clean from rubbish, waste, and graffiti individuals simply do not have to think about safety or navigate their routes. However, when a street is covered with rubbish, dim lighting, and bins across the road, it can instantly look unsightly.

Research has found that living in a dirt-free area, improves mood by 97% and increases pride in the community by 96%. The most common neighbourhood issues were litter (66%), dog mess (64%), fly tipping (42%), and broken glass (32%). 30% of people in England stated litter and rubbish was an issue within their area. Furthermore, 84% of Brits admit the cleanliness of their community has a significant impact on their emotional wellbeing. Research has also found that crime rates are higher in unkempt areas, and people feel more cautious about walking along their streets.

Additionally, house prices have been found to decrease in value. 93% of homeowners stated that dirty streets would deter them away from buying a home. Recent government figures show that it costs on average £28 per household to keep the streets clean. The most commonly found litter are cigarette buds, confectionary packaging, and takeaway rappers. From 2017 to 2018 it cost local authorities £663 million or £28 per household to keep streets clean. This does not include time spent by other authorities such as Highways England.

What Is A Road Sweeper?

Street cleaners do extremely valuable work, often seen in the early hours of the morning. They are a common sight in Britain, cleaning roadsides, streets, and pavements from dust and debris. However, many commercial businesses are now utilising such vehicles for their own private use. For instance, construction sites, car parks, busy site roads, runways, and any thoroughfares where dust, litter, and other debris are likely to collect. Intended to clean up surfaces mostly used by vehicles, these sweepers use water to capture dirt and dust.

Why Are Road Sweepers Important?

Prevent Flooding

When extreme weather occurs such as heavy rain or snow, gutters can easily block. Any debris from the roads is swept up by the water and straight into drains and gutters. This builds up and prevents the water from running off roads and into the sewage. A flooded road not only causes danger for traffic but also can harm the surrounding wetland. An overspill of drains and sewers could also include harmful chemicals, further damaging low-lying land and damaging vegetation and wildlife. In order to prevent any damage, road sweepers can use water jets to clear any minor blockages as they move along the road.

Health And Safety

If rubbish builds up in one area, it can easily become a breeding area for all kinds of rodents. For instance, rats, flies, pigeons, seagulls, and mice. This in turn can create a potential health hazard for people around the area. Additionally, rubbish, glass, or metal for instance can cause a risk for road users, especially cyclists, causing slip and trip hazards. One of the most common causes of cars breaking down is damaged tyres. Therefore, cleaning streets can reduce such risks and improve health and wellbeing.

Local Economy

Everyone would like to live in an area that is clean and pleasant to be around. Research has shown that the cleaner the area the more people will pay for their homes. Therefore, using road sweepers in residential areas is likely to impact local property prices. Creating a more desirable location. This also results in more shops, restaurants, and over local economy drive.

Environmental Impacts

Wild animals are unable to distinguish between what is safe and not for them. Rubbish alongside roads such as takeaway packets can be extremely dangerous and potentially life-threatening if consumed. The RSPCA receives on average 7,500 calls a year about litter-related incidents affecting animals. From badgers with plastic can holders embedded in their necks to hedgehogs with their heads wedged in empty tins.

What Class Of Vehicle Does A Road Sweeper Come Into?

In terms of motorist categories, road sweepers are in the same category as refuse collection vehicles, along with RCVs and tractor-pulling trailers. They are considered a fundamental piece of machinery for many local authorities as part of their fleet of municipal vehicles. They often carry negative emotions for commuters with their slow speeds. However, are essential to ensure roads are cleared of litter and general debris. In order to drive a sweeper truck, a driver will need at least a C class driver’s license.  A road sweeping machine is exempt from O-licensing as well as the EU drivers’ hours rules and tachograph regulations. Formal training is also essential for keeping your workforce, business, and visitors safe.