Truck Leasing Prices: The Benefits of Leasing a Truck

Mac’s Trucks are one of the UK’s leading truck leasing companies, and have helped businesses across the country gain access to the commercial trucks they need to keep operating.

Businesses usually turn to us during a time of growth, when leasing a commercial truck will have an immediate impact on their business by helping them service more clients. Our experience working with a wide range of companies means that we’re perfectly placed to provide advice on the ideal truck rental, whether that’s new truck financing; giving you access to a brand new truck with a custom body to suit your line of work with personalised truck leasing prices; or renting one of our high quality used trucks, that each pass rigorous inspections to give businesses a lower cost truck lease.

As one of very few truck leasing companies across the UK that offer both truck rental and truck sales, we understand the dilemma customers often face when deciding whether to buy or rent a truck. Our aim is to make this as simple of a decision as possible – whether you’re buying or financing a truck, our body building & manufacturing facilities means we’ll work with you to provide the truck you need.

Benefits of leasing a truck

When considering leasing a commercial truck, there are benefits that your business can gain from compared to purchasing a truck outright.

  • Low initial capital expenditure. Spreading the cost on a weekly/monthly basis means you can lease the truck you need without spending the full amount it’s worth.
  • Truck leasing prices are personalised to your company, meaning you can arrange payments and terms depending on what’s best for your business. Companies also get the benefit of knowing their monthly outgoing costs, with no surprises.
  • Maintenance and breakdown are covered. This is a huge benefit when leasing a truck – if something should happen to your truck and it breaks down, we’ll fix it. Therefore there’s no outlay or long-term downtime as it’s in everyone’s best interest to get your truck fully operational again!
  • Leasing a new truck (or a late used truck) will always give you access to the latest technology and economy standards, particularly important for businesses operating in London / within the Low Emissions Zone (LEZ).
  • Leasing a truck can reduce your tax bill, by offsetting truck leasing prices against your taxable profits. If you’re charged VAT on your truck rental, this is also reclaimable.
  • Long term truck leasing still provides the same branding options as purchasing a truck, with optional colours and branding across the vehicle.

Plus at the end of your lease, you usually have the option of buying the truck outright, or returning it and leasing a new truck.

Truck leasing prices: How much does it cost to lease a truck?

Purchasing or Leasing a truck should be viewed as a long-term investment, however, there are several reasons why leasing a truck leasing prices will benefit you in the long term.

  • Repairs & Maintenance are included: Although on newer trucks breakdowns are less common, when they do occur it often costs businesses a lot of money for two reasons: repairing the truck, and the downtime that comes as a result. Leasing a truck is more cost-effective as we look after the repair and get your truck back on the road as quickly as possible.

  • Your truck will naturally depreciate over time, which means your assets as a business fall in value. With the amount of time it takes to recover your investment, by the time you come to sell on your truck it could be worth significantly less, plus take time to sell. By leasing a truck, you have fixed truck leasing prices over a long period of time, and then get access to a new or upgraded truck at the end of your lease agreement, taking the time and hassle out of renewing your vehicles.

  • Leased trucks will comply with the latest standards and regulations, meaning less paperwork and hassle for you in terms of ensuring your fleet is operational in all areas of the country.

New & Used Truck Financing

With our own body building and manufacturing capabilities on site at our Yorkshire-based HQ, we’re one of the UK’s leading truck rental specialists. We can customise any truck to your requirements, which puts us in a unique position as our customers don’t need to rely on the big truck manufacturers for body building – we can provide that direct and create something that’s completely custom to what you need.

Ultimately, we’re committed to ensuring you have the commercial truck you need, whether buying or leasing. We’ll work with you to create a package that’s perfect for your business based on truck hire prices, truck body manufacturing and your options at the end of your agreement.

For advice, or to find out what we can offer you, contact Mark on 01422 311999 or email [email protected]