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Scania Hook Loaders

Fill in your details below to get more information from the team at Mac’s Truck Rental, whether you’re looking into contract hire or simply want to know more about one of our trucks.

Why choose Scania Hook loaders?

Ideal for the construction, waste disposal and recycling industries, our Scania Hookloaders are cost effective, low carbon vehicles perfect for transporting large goods quickly and simply. Complete with the heavy lifting capabilities, environmentally friendly engine technology and auto sheeting systems, our Scania Hook Loader Hire make it easy for businesses to access the latest trucks at a low cost.

Key features of Scania hook loaders

Euro VI Engine technology:

  •  Our Scania Hook loaders come with Euro VI engine technology, designed to reduce the levels of harmful gasses trucks emit. The technology works using special filters that convert dangerous Nitrogen Oxide into water vapor and nitrogen to overall produce 20 times less Nitrogen Oxide and a third of the C02 produced by older engines .

Auto sheeting system:

  • Auto sheeting systems automatically cover open cargo securely at both ends. The sheet is fastened to the rear of the container. The system is hydraulically powered and remote controlled.

Lift equipment & capability: 

  • Our Scandia Hook loaders also come with VDL 25-ton lift hook equipment. They are fully remote controlled. These lifting capabilities make transporting heavy cargo fast and simple. VDL’s hooklift systems are designed with unique self-carrying frames and high tipping angles for high reliability, whether tipping or collecting a container.

Scania Hook Loader Contract Hire Options

At Mac’s Truck Rental we offer both long term and short term contract hire across our range of vehicles, including Scania Hook Loaders. We work with your business to provide leasing contracts that work for your business and requirements.

Contract hire benefits

Cost effective: 

  • Contract Hiring a truck allows you to spread the cost either on a weekly or monthly basis. You can hire the truck you need without having to purchase the vehicle outright, resulting in lower monthly payments as your monthly costs are calculated to cover the vehicle’s depreciation, not the full cost. However, long term leasing also gives you the same branding options as purchasing does, meaning you can have your custom livery across the vehicle.

Maintenance and breakdown cover: 

  • With our contract hire, you’re covered should the unlikely happen. If something happens to your truck, or it breaks down we’ll fix it. On our Scania Hook Loader trucks we offer 6 week mandatory maintenance checks and and full hook loader maintenance to ensure your business keeps running smoothly.

Personalised prices:

  • Our prices are personalised to your business, monthly payments and terms can be arranged to suit your business, which allows you to know your monthly costs with no hidden extras.

We have over 40 years experience in the sale of Hook loaders and have a range of Scania vehicles available for both short term and long term contract hire. Contact a member of our team about the options available to your business.