HIAB Lorry Contract Hire

Mac’s trucks are Hiab lorry contract hire and manufacture specialists, we take the time to understand our customers needs and work with them to ensure the vehicles we supply are ready for immediate use and fit for purpose.

What makes us unique?

At our new Yorkshire HQ, as well as selling and leasing Hiab trucks, we have an in-house body and paint shop which allows us to custom build truck bodies, including cranes, and work with your business’s designs and logos to brand your vehicle.

We also have the facilities to build a crane truck to meet your specific requirements. We take a high quality new truck, and add the crane and body you need for your line of work, whether in plant, construction, recycling or waste management industries.

We provide each of our customers with the highest levels of support and advice. This, combined with our in-house manufacturing and modifying abilities, ensure we provide an unrivalled experience.

What can contract hire offer you?

Both short and long term contract hire can benefit your business in a range of ways. We work with you to ensure your contract works for your business and its needs.

  • Clarity: Prices and terms are all clearly specified within the contract. You can arrange payments based on what’s best for your business whilst also knowing your monthly outgoing expenditures, with no hidden costs.
  • Maintenance and breakdown cover: When leasing a truck, you’re safe in the knowledge that both maintenance and breakdown is covered. If something was to happen to your vehicle it will be fixed by us. Crane truck hire is also inclusive of our 6 week mandatory maintenance checks.
  • Eliminates the need to sell the vehicle: When the contract is over, the vehicle is simply returned to us, meaning you don’t have to worry about the costs and time associated with selling a vehicle that is no longer needed.

To find out more about our in-house capabilities and what we can offer your business, contact Selena on 01422 311999 or email [email protected]