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Semi Autonomous Trucks

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The trialling of semi-autonomous truck convoys is set to take place on public roads by the end of next year. The Department for Transport and Highways England have given the organisation conducting the trials: The Transport Research Laboratory, £8.1 million to fund these tests.

What do semi-autonomous truck convoys offer?

Semi-autonomous truck convoys offer self driving technology, but in a simpler way. The truck at the front of the convoy is manually driven with the trailing vehicles following its lead autonomously through vehicle-to-vehicle wireless connections, which respond to the changes in the leading lorry’s direction and speed.

The aim of this technology is to ease congestion and reduce the drag on the trailing trucks, meaning improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

However, this new technology will further pressure businesses to spend more upgrading their fleet as multiple vehicles are needed to take advantage of the benefits semi-autonomous convoys may offer.

Contract hire benefits

This is where the benefits of working with contract hire businesses come into place. Contract hire reduces the impact of the big expenses involved when purchasing and maintaining vehicles both operationally and financially.

It is likely to be a number of years before you need to make a decision on whether semi-autonomous trucks are right for your business, but contract hire also offers significant benefits for your more immediate vehicle requirements.

Operational Benefits

  • Eliminates vehicle disposal problems: Once the contract is up the vehicles are returned to the hire company, eliminating the time and costs involved when selling a vehicle.
  • Trucks are readily available: With contract hire, the sourcing of the trucks is left to us, with many of our trucks being ready for immediate use – meaning your business can continue to run as normal.
  • Maintenance and breakdown cover included: Maintenance and breakdown cover is included within contract hire as well mandatory 6-week maintenance checks. We’ll arrange the checks for a time that suits you and you can save the time and money involved with purchasing the cover and carrying out the checks.

Financial benefits

  • Fixed costs with no hidden extras: With contract hire, your monthly costs are fixed and personalised to suit your business, allowing you to know your costs with no hidden extras.
  • VAT benefits: VAT isn’t applied to the cost of the truck overall, only the depreciation, meaning that this saving can be passed on to you.
  • Cost effective fleet management: Hiring a fleet of trucks costs significantly less than purchasing and with maintenance and breakdown costs also included within the contract, time and money is saved allowing your focus to remain on your business.

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