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The prevalence of potholes on UK roads has been steadily rising over the past few years, causing significant disruptions and frustrations for commuters and motorists. Many individuals have raised their concerns, highlighting the adverse effects of these road damages on their journeys and road safety. According to information obtained by the Liberal Democrats through Freedom of Information requests, certain councils in England are facing significant delays in repairing potholes after they have been reported. On average, it takes these councils over a month to address the pothole issues. Shockingly, some individual potholes have been left unattended for a staggering 567 days before finally receiving repairs.

In response to the growing concern, here at Mac’s Truck Rental, we have created the “Comprehensive 2023 Pothole Analysis Report”. This meticulously assesses and ranks various regions across the UK based on the severity of pothole problems they face. The report features a top 5 list, shedding light on the areas most affected by potholes and their impact on road safety and transportation. Furthermore, the report also delves into the issue of delayed repairs. Bringing to the forefront the regions with the longest waiting times for potholes to be fixed.

By unveiling these findings, we aim to raise awareness about the urgency of addressing the pothole menace and urges relevant authorities to take prompt action in repairing and maintaining the road networks. The report’s data-driven approach empowers communities to advocate for improved road safety and conditions for everyone.

Unveiling the Top 5 Pothole-Plagued Regions in the UK

1. Derbyshire – 90,596 potholes

When it comes to the pothole county of the UK, Derbyshire holds the unenviable top position on the list with a staggering 90,596 recorded potholes in the previous year. This number is a glaring 34% higher than the region that came in second place. The data highlights the persistent and pressing issue that Derbyshire faces in addressing and managing the abundance of potholes on its roads, signifying the need for comprehensive measures to tackle this ongoing problem.

2. Lancashire – 67,439 potholes

Lancashire, encompassing significant urban areas like Manchester, finds itself alarmingly high on the pothole chart. Last year, the region reported a substantial count of 67,439 potholes. Although it falls behind Derbyshire’s astounding figures, Lancashire’s numbers remain notably concerning, indicating that the pothole problem extends beyond one region and requires attention at a broader level.

3. Northumberland – 51,703 potholes

Securing the third spot in this pothole tally is Northumberland, an area predominantly located in the Northeast of England. With a recorded total of 51,703 potholes in 2022, Northumberland faces its share of challenges in maintaining road quality and safety.

4. Surry – 43,191 potholes

Ranking fourth on the list is Surrey, a county situated in the Southeast of England. Surrey registered a significant number of 43,191 potholes last year, underscoring the gravity of the issue even in areas known for their affluence and development.

5. Cornwall – 24,191 potholes

Taking the fifth spot on the list is Cornwall, a picturesque region in the Southwest of England. Despite being noticeably lower in pothole count compared to Surrey, Cornwall still recorded a substantial 24,191 potholes in the same period. While the number is less than half of Surrey’s count, it underscores that pothole prevalence remains a concern throughout various parts of the UK, even in idyllic locales like Cornwall.

Top 10 regions with most potholes

Rank Region Number of potholes
1 Derbyshire 90,596
2 Lancashire 67,439
3 Northumberland 51,703
4 Surrey 43,191
5 Cornwall 24,191
6 North Yorkshire 22,094
7 West Sussex 21,785
8 Staffordshire 20,764
9 Somerset 19,299
10 East Sussex 13,081

Full table and data can be found here.

Areas with worst average times to fix a pothole

Rank Region Days waited
1 Newham 56 days
2 Lambeth 50 days
3 Stoke-On-Trent 48 days
4 Norfolk 39.93 days
5 Northeast Lincolnshire 34 days
6 Westminster 30 days
7 Southampton 29.95 days
8 West Sussex 29.66 days
9 Hammersmith & Fulham 28 days
10 Suffolk 26.9 days

Full table and data can be found here.

Areas with longest average time to fix individual potholes

Rank Region Day waited
1 Stoke-on-Trent 567 days
2 Westminster 560 days
3 Norfolk 482 days
4 East Sussex 463 days
5 Wiltshire 453 days
6 Warickshire 304 days
7 Lambeth 300 days
8 Suffolk 296 days
9 Shropshire 285 days
10 West Sussex 273.48 days



Us and our digital marketing agency found common hotspots for potholes across the UK, using data from the RAC.

Also, the Liberal Democrats FOI request shown the amount of potholes that were reported from 81 councils in the UK. This shows the rise of potholes compared to 5 years before.