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Custom Truck Livery

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Within business, it’s all about standing out from the crowd and getting yourself noticed. Whether your trucks are out on the road or parked up in the yard, branding your vehicles with your business’s logos and livery can make them recognisable.

Why is branding important?

Besides just getting you noticed, branding can also help tell your customers and potential customers about your businesses identity and what you do/services you offer. It also gives these potential customers an expectations of your business, with strong consistent branding creating a professional and trustworthy appearance.

What do Mac’s Trucks offer?

At the back end of last year, we moved into our fantastic new Yorkshire HQ. Not only did the move allow us to grow our expanding fleet, it also means that we can offer our customer with a range of services – thanks to our in-house capabilities.

Our range of services include:

  • Branding : Our in house paint centre means that we can brand you truck or fleet with your business livery, including custom colours and logos – see an example of the business livery we did for a customer on one of our high quality Scania crane trucks in this video
  • Custom built truck bodies :Our on site body shop allows us to custom build truck bodies to your exact specifications.
  • MOT testing lane and tacho centre: Our new HQ also features a MOT testing lane and tacho centre, meaning that we can test your truck to make sure it meets road and speed safety standards.

Contract hire

You can have access high quality Scania and DAF trucks with short or long term contract hire from Mac’s Truck Rental. When taking out a contract hire plan with us, you also get a range of benefits including:

  • No fuss finding quality trucks: We understand that sourcing high quality trucks which are work for your business and daily tasks can be difficult. So, here at Mac’s Trucks we take the responsibility out of your hands. We only source the highest quality trucks which can be built your specifications, allowing you to save time.
  • No unexpected costs: Within our contract hire plans, your monthly costs are fixed and personalised to suit your business, so you can know your monthly costs, with no hidden extras.
  • Maintenance and breakdown cover: Both maintenance and breakdown cover are included within your contract so if the worst was to happen we’d get your truck fixed at no extra cost.

For more information about our range of services we offer or to find out how contract hire can benefit your business contact us today.