The Surge In Skip Hire During COVID-19

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Skip On House Driveway

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A surge in skip hire is continuing as England goes into another lockdown to control the spread of the more transmissible variant of COVID-19. An increase was first noticed back in March 2020 and coincided with the initial national lockdown. The rise in demand has been consistently observed throughout the periods of time when people are self-isolating, furloughed from work, or working remotely from home.

The Recent Rise In Skip Hire

People are clearly spending more time in their homes, so it makes sense that they want to make the most of their space. This has spurred a trend of updates and repairs as uncompleted DIY jobs get finished, rooms are redecorated, and homes are renovated. From converting a room into a home office to decluttering to make a more zen-full environment, the construction waste and rubbish that is cleared out needs to go somewhere, and skip hire is one of the best options. With reduced capacity at tips and the booking of time slots during 2020, and now under a new lockdown, you can still conduct effective waste management with a skip hire delivered right to your doorstep. You can use these to dispose of almost anything, including old garden furniture and anything you might want to get rid of when clearing out your garage.

Is It Safe?

Skip hire companies conform to social distancing guidelines during deliveries and collection to help your family remain safe. Delivery personnel follows guidelines, including increasing their handwashing frequency and wearing a face mask or covering. To further ensure your safety, stay indoors, or stand well back when the skip loaders are loading or unloading. Companies that provide skip hire, waste collection, management, and recycling services are recognised as essential services and key workers. They continue to play a vital role in avoiding a build-up of household and commercial waste and to continue to protect the environment with proper disposal of waste.