Financing Trucks – what’s the best way to get your hands on a new truck?

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Whatever type of business you run, you’re likely to come across the age-old dilemma of should I rent or should I buy, and when it comes to builders merchant trucks, the decision could make or break your business.

Every builders merchant wants to be able to utilise the best vehicles that will get the job done well, but few have the initial budget to purchase outright, leading them to approach the banks with trepidation to see what hefty deposit they’ll need and what interest rate they’ll face to make that big purchase.

Every Builders Merchants does, of course, needs to turn a healthy profit and in a competitive market place business costs are always a concern.

A truck – or fleet of trucks – is an essential asset but it needs to be paid for which, for those with a less than healthy bank balance can be a problem.

But there is another option to consider. One that, here at Mac’s, we’re only too happy to offer.

We are different

Mac’s Truck Rental offers customers the less painful option of contract hire where a relatively low weekly payment is made, by you, over an agreed period of time.

This can be a really efficient way of operating because it means you can keep paying the same low monthly price for years.

Although you won’t actually own the vehicle, this shouldn’t be seen as a disadvantage, because, as soon as the contract ends, you can get another shiny new truck – often at approximately the same price!

The Benefits

Mac’s Truck Rental believes in the following benefits contract hire offers to their customers over buying a truck outright:

  • Easy to budget

Fixed monthly payments on the same date make budgeting and accounting easier and payments are cheaper than if you were buying by Hire Purchase. Buying a truck outright commits you to outlay a large sum of money and seriously affects cash flow.

  • Repair costs can be included in the contract

Mac’s Truck Rental pride themselves on supplying high quality, built to last trucks but if something unexpected should happen, there will be no need to worry about any additional costs – unlike if the truck was bought outright and you then have full responsibility for it. The same goes for maintenance and servicing.

  • Tax-deductible

Contract hire has one big advantage over an outright purchase in that monthly payments are seen as legitimate business expenses and VAT can be claimed back. The vehicle is also not included in your company books as an asset.

  • Flexibility

Contract hire can adapt to the often-changing needs of your fleet, unlike an outright owned truck that will need to be sold.

Getting the vehicle to suit you

These workhorses of the haulage industry come in all shapes and sizes including skip vehicles, hook loaders, truck mounted cranes, beavertail rigids as well as tipper trucks and tipper grab trucks.

All these can be supplied by Mac’s Truck Rental with DAF, Volvo and Scania being the predominant choice, but we also do more than that. In fact, we can create your very own workhorse for you!

Turning one vehicle into another vehicle is part of the daily magic carried out at our huge manufacturing plant incorporating our body repairs, modification and paint shops.

So, whether you are looking for a custom-built contract hire truck, a shiny new contract hire truck or something in-between – Mac’s Truck Rental is the place to come.

Options to consider

We have a wealth of different truck bodies that we can supply for custom-built truck hire, including new standard or cheese wedge beavertails, or even beavertails.

That’s not all, however, we can also supply curtain siders, HIABs and more. In terms of additional fittings, we can fit cranes or pop a tail lift on the back if you need it.

Essentially, we can offer to build then hire you the vehicle you need.

Outstanding customer service

Here at Mac’s Truck Rental we pride ourselves on employing knowledgeable staff that can discuss our contract hire option as well as advising on anything else to do with our trucks.

We aim to offer outstanding customer care throughout the lifetime of each and every truck we supply – our sales and aftercare service is truly second to none, so why not call for a quote and opt for a finance option that could suit your business down to the ground.