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The government are introducing a ‘clean air zone’ (CAZ) which is a defined area where targeted action is taken to improve air quality.

This can be a city or a confined part of a city, depending on the air quality, in a bid to reduce air pollutants, limiting the chance of these reaching Government-legislated ‘illegal’ levels in selected areas of the UK.

So what does this mean for your current trucks?

The government has introduced this as a long-term scheme to try and improve air quality across the country. The scheme will include a fee to those driving older vehicles that emit pollutants into the air, aiming for an increase in newer vehicles with Euro 6 engines that minimise air pollution.

Therefore, there will be a fee in place for some areas of the UK where Clean Air Zones will be going ahead in 2020.

Where the new UK clean air zones will be and how it will affect your truck:

These areas have confirmed that non-compliant trucks will be charged £50 daily:

  • Birmingham City Centre
  • Leeds City Centre
  • Sheffield City Centre

However, further areas may be announced in the coming months into 2020 and early 2021 with perhaps more areas in the UK introducing the clean air zones meaning you will encounter more areas with a £50 day rate charge.

Areas that are confirmed for 2021 and onwards are:

  • Bath
  • Bristol
  • Leicester
  • Sheffield

See all areas affected by CAZ:

Expected to roll out in January 2020, Clean Air Zone charges have been delayed until July 2020, so you still have time to replace your old truck for one of our Euro 6 engine trucks, which will allow you to not only reduce pollutants but will eliminate you from being charged the fee of £50 per day.

Ranging from Crane trucks to Beavertails most of our trucks have a euro rating of 6 which is required to be exempt from the clean air zones across the UK, so make sure you are prepared!

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