Curtain-sider Moffett Truck Mounted Forklift Hire

Truck Mounted Forklift hire from Mac’s Trucks provides you with two high-quality vehicles designed to help you transport large and heavy goods easily: a DAF CF 370 truck with a 26ft curtain side, and a Moffett M5 truck mounted forklift.

Moffett Truck Mounted Forklifts are an ideal companion for curtain sider trucks. We supply a high-performance Moffett M5 forklift, with a lifting capacity of over 2000kg and excellent manoeuvrability, alongside easily mounting/dismounting onto the rear of the truck, with a small 1200mm overhang to keep your truck in line with safety regulations. Moffett Truck Mounted Forklift hire is often referred to as Piggyback Forklifts because of the way they interact with the curtain-sider truck – our trucks come equipped with an easy method of attaching the forklift to the lorry once you’ve finished unloading your delivery.

We make lorry mounted forklift hire incredibly cost effective for your business. All of our trucks are built with Euro 6 emission ratings – important for any businesses operating within the London area, full maintenance with mandatory 6-weekly checks, and 100% tax deductions as standard on truck mounted forklift hire. Plus, when you take out long-term lease of a curtain-sider lorry mounted forklift from Mac’s, we’ll brand your truck with custom livery.

If you would like to speak to someone about the options available, phone Mark on 01422 415 999 or email us.

Up to 30 Days

Whether you need one of our curtain sider trucks with portable forklifts for the day or over the weekend, we can work with you to provide finance and be as flexible as you require.

Up to 6 Months

If you’re looking for short-term truck mounted forklift hire, we provide rental options that suit businesses with fixed term requirements.

Up to 5 years

Our long-term truck mounted forklift hire is 100% tax-deductible and provides the best rates, without tying up capital in lorry expenses.

Delivery Service and Immediate Availability

Our truck mounted forklift truck hire can be accessed from anywhere within the UK – with trucks recently hired in Sheffield, London, Aberdeen, and Yorkshire.

We’ll arrange a delivery time and location with you, providing you with instant access to the truck you require at the optimal time.

Flexible Hire to Suit Your Business

The decision of whether to purchase or take out truck mounted forklift hire can be difficult, and we’re here to simplify it.

You can hire a curtain sider with a truck carried forklift from us for as long as you need, or you can get in touch with us to discuss leasing and finance options over a longer period, to provide the best value for money.

Should you be looking to purchase a truck outright, contact Mac’s Truck Sales