HIAB & Crane Truck Hire with large payloads


HIAB Hire and Crane Trucks with large payloads

We have a range of Hiabs for hire with large payloads, that are available immediately and come with the high-quality standards we pride ourselves on at Mac’s Trucks, including ongoing 6-weekly maintenance checks, Euro 6 emission ratings (particularly important for anyone using our hiab hire in London), and advanced FASSI mounted cranes.

Our Hiabs, also referred to as Truck Mounted Cranes, have been specifically built to carry large payloads, making it easier for you to transport heavy cargo.

All of our hiab hire vehicles have FASSI mounted cranes, renowned for their high quality and heavy duty lifting capabilities. As FASSI’s largest supplier in Europe, we have a huge range of hiabs in stock for sale as well as rental, each with a wealth of technical information and remote controlled operation, ensuring your safety and ability transport cargo at all times.

At Mac’s Trucks, we have over 40 years worth of experience in the sale & rental of trucks, offering your business an unrivalled level of support to ensure you have the equipment you need to get the job done. With spot, short term and long term crane truck hire available and a wide range of truck-mounted crane lorry rental options, all of which are 100% tax deductible and capable of being branded to your company colours, Mac’s Trucks can help keep your job on schedule.

If you would like to speak to someone about the options available, phone Mark on 01422 415 999 or email us.

Up to 30 Days

Whether you need one of our crane trucks for the day or over the weekend, we can work with you to provide finance and be as flexible as you require.

Up to 6 Months

We provide short-term hiab hire for between 1-6 months, with rental options that suit businesses with fixed term requirements.

Up to 5 years

Our long term crane truck rental provides the best rates available, saving time, money, and business capital in large lorry rental expenses.

Delivery Service and Immediate Availability

We deliver hiab hire across the UK – from hiab hire London & hiab hire Essex, to hiab hire Manchester & hiab hire Glasgow, and everywhere in between.

This means we can provide you with competitive rates wherever you are in the country, allowing us to respond to the needs of your business whenever you require assistance.

Flexible Hire to Suit Your Business

The decision of whether to hire a lorry mounted crane truck can be difficult, and we’re here to simplify it.

We provide hiab hire for as long as you require, whether that’s a day or five years. The longer you lease from us, the better rates you receive – if you require a quote or are looking for some more advice, feel free to get in touch with Selena or fill in a form here.

Should you be looking to purchase a truck outright, contact Mac’s Truck Sales